MJY.world - Testimonials

Don’t just take my word for it

Here you can read what some of the people who work with me have to say. (And a great big thank you to them all!) 

Natalie Dawson

Creative Director
Talent Artistic Group

Over the course of the past 10 years, Mykey has become much more than just a preferred supplier to the different companies with whom I have worked, but a critical and key Creative Practitioner who I choose to re-engage project after project, time and again.

I have had the pleasure of witnessing his continued creative growth, inspiring leadership skills and success in managing a progression of fruitful client relations and I am a keen advocate of all of his creative achievements.

With a passion for solving problems and oodles of determination, Mykey’s personal, creative ‘edge’ lies within his ability to combine razor sharp producer skills with his own unique artistry. This fusion of creative and operational skill allows him to tell powerful stories and translate messages into strong, striking and highly visual content. Not only is he adept at creating and planting the seeds of an idea, he can follow through from start to finish, nurturing and developing those seeds, collaborating with other industry specialists to allow them to grow in to fully realised, creatively enthusing and inspiring concepts that flourish both on and off of the stage.

Working in both the Arts & Commercial Entertainment Sector has enabled Mykey to be bold in his approach, to ‘think outside of the box’ when bringing something new and exciting to the table. By blending his experience within each sector he can conceive, produce and deliver definitive and thoroughly unique products for many a happy client.

His success resonates around the globe, from pitching multi-million pound entertainment tenders to some of the largest leisure, travel and tourism company’s in the world, to creating ground breaking artistic concepts, steeped in meaning and value. Mykey’s passion is underpinned and highly visible within all of his work and he is an asset to any creative project or company who might choose to work with him. 

Julia Turpin

Creative Engagement Director
Manchester International Festival

I had the great pleasure to work and collaborate with Mykey Young when I was Co-Director of LeftCoast, Blackpool and Wyre’s Creative People and Places. Mykey popped into one of our drop in surgery sessions explaining he wanted to expand his commercial creative event delivery experience into new fields. Over the next few years I worked with Mykey in many ways including outdoor arts, theatre, circus and live art. During this time Mykey worked on projects created with some of the world’s leading artists and companies including Jeremy Deller (UK), Circa (Australia), Generik Vapeur (France) and Circocolumbia (Columbia). He continually pushes himself to work in new ways and with new people to expand his broad knowledge working within the arts and cultural sector.

Mykey is multifaceted and highly skilled in a range of complimentary areas from creative direction, to producing, programming and training. He is a quick learner, adaptable, hard working and great fun to work with. He also represents the very best combination of the commercial and subsidised sectors, with a keen eye for cost management alongside a commitment to ensure access to all. He is passionate about making difference in his home town of Blackpool and was pivotal in developing a shift in the perception of its more traditional assets with LightPool (The Illuminations) and Showzam (Circus, Cabaret and Variety).

I look forward to seeing what Mykey does next; an exciting next generation cultural leader.

Khiley Williams

Movement Director & Choreographer

Mykey’s vision and leadership style are absolutely inspiring.

What makes him exceptional is his ability to wear all of the hats! He is a Swiss Army Knife of a Creative, working cross-role on multiple projects with a calming sense of ease. He knows how to build the best team for every job and exactly how to inspire them to excel, fly and create their best work. Even in exceptionally demanding situations he has a unique ability to effortlessly oversee every aspect of the project with positivity, imagination and the utmost care and support. This allows his creative teams (and his casts) the freedom to work at the top of their game without ever feeling suffocated.

I have had the privilege and pleasure of working as a Movement Director & Choreographer on projects with Mykey in the role of Creative Director and Producer. He strives to make each concept or project even better than its best, each time bigger, brighter and more dynamic than the last. We later went on to write and create together which was such a fulfilling and joyful process and I can’t wait until we begin our next project together.

Tina Redford

Artistic Director

I really enjoy working alongside Mykey as he is a fully-rounded Creative Practitioner… talented, organised, hard-working and great with people.

His leadership style is consultative and his years spent wearing many hats, as part of other peoples projects, has given him a comprehensive understanding of what different roles need to contribute to create high quality work.

He’s playful too, so I highly recommend!

David Sheppeard

Co-Artist Director & Executive Producer
Marlborough Theatre

Mykey has a contagious enthusiasm for arts & culture that makes it near impossible to not have a great experience working with him.

On our recent New Queers on the Block touring project we were really impressed with his thoughtful and dedicated approach to connecting with LGBTQ+ communities that weren’t currently engaged with the arts, which translated to us getting strong attendance to our events.

He’s one of those ‘can do’ people that is able to get creatives and communities engaged in his vision and is a real asset to the region.

Kay Trayford

Freelance Creative Producer

I have always had an excellent experience when working with Mykey. He is a supportive, encouraging and inspirational leader, dedicated not only to creating work of the highest quality, but to ensuring that he creates a culture in which his entire team are encouraged to thrive, excel and perform at the top of their game.

Mykey is also a superb mentor. Originally engaged as Assistant Producer on several of his projects, he has always been generous with his time, coaching and mentoring me, helping me to grow professionally and achieve some of my own personal goals including my first engagement as Creative Producer for an international production company.

Mykey is an incredible Producer and Director; he’s an intellectual, an artist, a storyteller, visionary and an exceptional forward thinker. His passion for the arts is infectious and his imagination, limitless. But most importantly, he is reliable, humble, human and grounded, meaning that he can work successfully with anyone at any level.

I couldn’t recommend anyone more perfect to collaborate with and I look forward to when we next work together again.

Jordan Alexander

Musical Director & Arranger

Having worked with Mykey in both a performing and creative environment I have found myself working in worlds I had never believed possible. From a James Bond Circus to a Roy Orbison Argentinian Tango, he is able to articulate his often wild ideas so clearly that it makes it very easy to get creative.

He establishes a mutually exciting work environment in which originality and authenticity is key, ensuring that each project has its own language and identity. His work ethic is outstanding and even when working on something as simple as a musical theatre cabaret consisting of vocalists and a piano he is able to draw on his extensive knowledge and vivid imagination to produce something unique and enjoyable for audiences rather than settling for the same works you would see anywhere else.

I consider myself lucky to have such a wonderful working relationship with Mykey and hope it continues for many more years.